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Yankee Doodle Art Studio hosted us and provided crafts for free in exchange for this blog post.

My five-year-old daughter loves to be creative and enjoys any type of craft, so when we were invited to Yankee Doodle Art Studio to check out what they have to offer, she was overjoyed.  We traveled to the Cockeysville, Maryland studio early on a Sunday afternoon.  It is easy to find, located in a shopping center with plenty of parking, close to the hub of businesses in the Hunt Valley area.

We headed into the studio and were introduced to the wide variety of crafts and art activities that are available.  Crafts include make your own soaps and candles, custom designed books, snow globes, color your own slippers, place mats, and much more.  My daughter quickly settled on starting with the make your own soap.  The cute little rubber duck that is included in the soap made it easy for her to make up her mind.

We received a soap mold, and she started filling it from the bins of brightly colored shapes of glycerin.  There are even tiny cookie cutters to make your own shapes.  Once the soap mold is filled, a choice of scent and glitter is available.  My daughter chose to do a lot of glitter and added a strawberry scent.  We sent the soap to the backroom, where a fairy named “Annabelle” finishes the creation.  It only takes about 10 minutes, and the finished product is revealed.

Being an artist at heart, my five-year-old had a list of the other art activities she wanted to tackle at the art studio.  Since I knew we’d have the opportunity to come back, I let her pick just one more for the day.  She chose to create a custom candle in a glass, bear-shaped jar.  After filling the jar and arranging the wax shapes just right, we sent it off to Annabelle for the finishing touches.

While we waited for the candle to be complete, my daughter happily colored pulling from their wall of markers and colored pencils in every color you can image.  I talked with one of the owners of this family-run business and learned that their original inspiration for the studio was the custom designed books that they feature.  We often make books at home, but use just paper and staples.  These books are real hard-bound books and are perfect for keepsakes, new readers, and even as a unique baby gift.

As our candle was finished, we had our creations packaged in a nice little bag.  My daughter and I headed home eager to tell the rest of our family about our trip to Yankee Doodle Art Studio and to make plans to attend one of their special events: Family Craft Wars Night.  See their website for details.

Yankee Doodle Art Studio hosted us and provided crafts for free in exchange for this blog post.


Things to Remember:

  1. Plan to spend around an hour at the studio with your child, creating their works of art.  Most crafts are ready to take home that same day.
  2. Yankee Doodle is an art studio and more!  They offer birthday parties, parents night out, dance parties, yoga, special needs classes, and more.  Check out their Facebook page for the latest offerings and events.  There is also a calendar on their website which includes special events.
  3. If your child enjoys painting or another messy form of art, make sure to wear older clothes.
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