Roundtop Mountain Adventures – Lewisberry, PA

Sponsored post – Roundtop Mountain Resort hosted us.  All opinions are my own.

Roundtop does not appear to be offering their typical summer attractions in 2021 (no mention of them on their website). Contact Roundtop Mountain for details.

Roundtop Mountain Adventures is an outdoor adventure destination in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania.  The attraction is located at Roundtop Mountain Resort, which also hosts skiing and snow tubing in the winter months. 

In the summer, Roundtop Mountain transforms into a paradise for adventure sports enthusiasts. Adventures includes dual zip lines, a tree house zip for the younger or less adventurous, OGO balls, bumper boats, a cedar maze, a sky ride (ski lift), super slide, and more!

Mountain View Lodge at Roundtop Mountain Adventures
Mountain View Lodge at Roundtop Mountain Adventures

For one price, you can purchase a mountain activity wristband which grants you access to all of the above mentioned adventures for the entire operating day.  If you’re taking older children and just want to watch, there is no charge for spectators.  To participate in most of the activities, children must be at least 5 years old. 

Some activities have weight or height requirements, so be sure to check those on the Roundtop Mountain website before visiting.  I always prepare my children with information about what they can and can’t do before visiting a place with height or age requirements, so they aren’t disappointed.

We arrived at opening time, signed our waivers, got our wristbands, and were quickly on our way to the activities.  Since it was going to be a hot day, we decided to do the “dry” activities first, and then when it got hotter we could enjoy getting wet and cooling off.  We headed to the zip lines, as we were all looking forward to them the most.

Zip Lines

My six-year-old was able to do the tree house zips, which are a good height and length for younger kids.  They also slowly lower the child to the ground once the zip is over, so it’s a gentle stop for them.  The fun isn’t over on the ground though, because they can use the rope bridges and nets to climb their way back up to the top!

Roundtop Mountain Tree House Zips
Roundtop Mountain Tree House Zips

My six-year-old didn’t weigh enough to do the large dual zip lines, so only the parents did those zips.  The zip is long and fairly high.  It goes over a small pond and you land on a platform on the other side.  It’s a pretty fast ride! 

On the walk back, you get a good view of the other activities available at Mountain Adventures.  My daughter did the tree house zip line several times, as well as climbing around in the canopy crawl, giant’s staircase, and alpine traverse.

Roundtop Mountain Dual Zip Lines
Roundtop Mountain Dual Zip Lines

After several zips, we were getting a bit hot, so we took a break in the Lodge, bought a snack and relaxed.  Next, we changed and got ready for the water activities.  There are also changing rooms down by the zip lines.  The first water activity we wanted to try was the OGO balls.

OGO Balls

To get to the OGO ball starting location, you travel to the top of the hill in a partially enclosed ramp.  The shade during the walk to the top was very appreciated.  When arriving at the top, the super slide is first, then the OGO Balls.  The balls are transported to the top of the hill by a truck with a trailer. It was fun for my two-year-old to watch this transportation process. 

Roundtop Mountain Adventures OGO Ball
Roundtop Mountain Adventures OGO Ball

The balls are filled with cold water, you climb into the ball (up to two people), and they zip you in.  Then the ball is sent down the hill.  If you’re watching the ball travel from the bottom of the hill or far away, it seems quite slow.  However, from inside the ball it feels very fast!  You slip and slide along the bottom of the ball, for a fun ride down the hill. 

My six-year-old said the OGO ball was fun, but only wanted to do it once!  Tip: If you want to wear shoes to the top of the hill, they will collect your belongings, put it in a plastic bin, and drive it to the bottom where it will be waiting for you!

Super Slide

This is the water ride I’d been waiting for!  This slide looks super fun, super long, and super steep at the beginning.  There are two choices of tubes that can be picked up at the bottom of the walkway, single and double.  I was a bit nervous as we walked up the hill (it’s actually a fairly easy walk up, not very steep).

Once we got to the top of the hill, we were greeted by water jets that kept the slide wet.  The water felt great on the hot day.  Once seated in the tube, we were on our way down the hill!

Roundtop Mountain Adventures Super Slide
Roundtop Mountain Adventures Super Slide

After going on many tubes slides at amusement parks, I’d have to say this slide is very different.  Mainly because it has a large flat area for the tube to move around.  This allows the tube to move from side to side and spin! 

Pro Tip: Keep your feet tucked up a bit to avoid hitting the sides with your feet and slowing you down.  There is a fun splash down at the end of the slide into about a foot of water.  It’s so fun you’ll want to do it over and over again!

Bumper Boats

We were excited for the bumper boats, because it was a water activity that my two-year-old could enjoy.  You must be 44″ to drive the boat, but with a life jacket my two-year-old could sit in the boat as a passenger.  There are two buttons on the boat, one to make it go, and one to squirt water! 

The boats can be steered, but I wasn’t very good at it.  I kept spinning in circles until I got the hang of it.  My two-year-old enjoyed riding on the boats and was giggling the whole time.  My six-year-old was tall enough to drive herself, which she loved.

Pro tip: Store your belongings far enough away from the bumper boats. The water blasters on the boats can reach pretty far!

The Woods Playground

Another activity my two-year-old could participate in was the woods playground.  This playground was unlike any I had seen before.  It had several small zip lines of varying height.  One required climbing a set of stairs to reach, while others were closer to the ground. 

There were also other nets to climb and elements to a low ropes course.  I loved that the playground was, as it is named, in the woods and very shaded.  We were playing there in the heat of the day, and it wasn’t very hot in the shade.

Roundtop Mountain Climbing Net
Roundtop Mountain Climbing Net

After the playground, our two-year-old was getting tired and cranky.  We headed back to the lodge to get a bite to eat, as they have a much more than just a snack bar.  I got a chicken quesadilla while the kids enjoyed a slice of pizza while we rested.  It was a bit too hot for us to head up to the sky ride, but I bet the view from the top is amazing.  Hopefully we’ll visit again soon for more fun!

For more information about Roundtop Mountain Adventures, visit their website. Looking for other cool, family-friendly attractions near Hershey? Chocolate World Attractions, Indian Echo Caverns, and Lake Tobias are great add-on adventures to a Hershey trip. Even more ideas can be found on the Visit Hershey and Harrisburg website.

Sponsored post – Roundtop Mountain Resort hosted us.  All opinions are my own.

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