Blandair Regional Park – Columbia, MD

Blandair Regional Park is located in Columbia, Maryland not far from the Mall in Columbia. The park runs along Oakland Mills Road, and in its final phase it will be 300 acres. The park’s main attraction is its sports fields, but we visited primarily to check out the challenge course.

Blandair Park Course Start
Blandair Regional Park – Challenge Course

The challenge course is easily accessible and close to a large parking lot. There is also a restroom building within a short walking distance to the course.

While we’ve visited several indoor challenge courses at places like SkyZone, this is the first outdoor challenge course that we’ve found. Since it’s located within a public park, it’s free to use!

Timer on the Challenge Course at Blandair Park
Timer on the Challenge Course at Blandair Park

At the beginning of the course, there is a button to start the timer. There are three lanes to the course, each lane contains about three or four elements to conquer. Most of the elements seemed appropriate for ages 5 and up. Some are a bit high, so they may require assistance from an adult.

Blandair Park Challenge Course
Blandair Park Challenge Course

This park is large, and there’s another playground structure on the other side of the park. There’s also paved walking trails to enjoy.

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