Idlewild Park – Easton, MD

Idlewild Park is located at 115 Idlewild Ave, Easton, Maryland. This park features a large playground, basketball court, baseball fields, and tennis courts.

Idlewild Park Playground
Idlewild Park Playground

Some parking is available around the perimeter of the park along South Aurora Street. However, those parking spaces are closer to the ball fields, and not the playground or basketball court.

Idlewild Park Basketball
Basketball Court

If you’re planning to use the playground or basketball court, there’s a large parking lot within the park that you can access from South Washington Street. The basketball court has a unique, colorful play surface.

The playground is a centerpiece of the park. It features a rubber surface, making it easy for strollers to be used inside the fence of the playground.

Idlewild Park Boat
Idlewild Park Playground Boat

The playground has many large play structures and houses, and even a boat in the middle of the playground. There is a nautical theme in the older children’s side of the playground. It even includes a pretend “Bait Shop”.

Idlewild Park Swings
Swing Set at Idlewild Park

There are a variety of swings available at this park, including a tire swing. The playground is fenced, and there is a separation between the big playground and the tot lot.

Idlewild Park Tot Lot
Tot Lot

The tot log has tiny slides and smaller steps to climb to reach the play structures. There’s also small buildings that children can access.

This playground does not have much shade directly over it. There are mature trees in this park, so there is some shade at times near the playground fence. The playground structures also provide some shade underneath them.

Idlewild Park Restrooms

There is a restroom building between the playground and the parking lot. Keep in mind the restrooms may be locked at times, especially during the winter months.

Idlewild Park Restrooms
Restroom Building

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