The Flume Gorge – Lincoln, NH

The Flume Gorge is a natural, 800-foot gorge located at the base of Mount Liberty. The Flume Gorge is in Franconia Notch State Park in Lincoln, New Hampshire. There’s camping and many kid-friendly attractions in the area.

There is a fee to enter this trail and reservations are needed. Ticket’s can be purchased on the state park’s website and should be purchased in advance, as they can sell out.

With the addition of wooden walkways inside the gorge, a 2-mile loop trail takes you inside the gorge.

The Flume Gorge Trail
Stairs on The Flume Gorge Trail

In addition to the main attraction, the Flume Gorge trail also includes a wolf den, glacial boulders, a covered bridge, and Avalanche Falls.

The Flume Gorge Avalanche Falls
Avalanche Falls

How was the Flume Gorge discovered?

The Flume Gorge was discovered in 1808 by a women who found it while fishing. At one time, there was a giant boulder between the rocks of the gorge, but a heavy storm swept it away.

The Flume Gorge Steps
A look back through the gorge

How long does it take to go through Flume Gorge?

The park’s website indicates that it takes approximately 1.5 hours to hike the two mile trial. If hiking with children, it may take longer.

The Flume Gorge Waterfall

There are a few elements where children may spend more time, for example, they may want to climb through the Wolf’s Den more than once.

How much does it cost to hike Flume Gorge?

Tickets should be reserved in advance on the park’s website. They have scheduled times to enter the Flume Gorge, and they can sell out of a particular day or time.

The Flume Gorge Admission Buildings
The Flume Gorge Admission Booths

Does Flume Gorge have caves?

There is a Wolf’s Den about three quarters of the way through the trail. It’s located after the gorge.

While it looks like the cave ends after a turn to the right, there is a small opening to climb through. Children seemed to be fitting fine, while it is more difficult for adults.

Wolfs Den
Wolf’s Den along the Flume Gorge Trail

Is the Flume Gorge kid-friendly?

The Flume Gorge hike is not stroller friendly. There are many steps and narrow pathways through the gorge. However, we saw many children along the path.

Children on Gorge Trail
Hike to the Flume

The Flume Building

Before or after your hike, check out the store, eatery, and history information in The Flume Building. This building also has restrooms and park information.

The Flume Building Eatery
Eatery in the Flume Building

The Flume eatery menu includes chicken fingers and fries, burgers, salads, wraps, and more.

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