Pen Mar Park – Highfield-Cascade, MD

Pen Mar County Park is located in Washington County, Maryland. It’s close to the Mason-Dixon Line. The park’s address is 14600 Pen Mar Road, Highfield-Cascade, Maryland.

Pen Mar Park Sign
Pen Mar Park Sign

Once an amusement park in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the rides and buildings were dismantled in 1943. In 1977, the former amusement park was developed into a county park. One of the buildings in the park, open during specific hours, houses some memorabilia from the amusement park.

There’s two main parking lots at the park. One is right across the street from the park. The other parking lot is located beside the park.

Pen Mar Park Playgrounds

Pen Mark Playground Ropes
Pen Mar Park Monkey Bars

The park recently added new playground equipment. This includes two new playsets and a double zip line. The large playset has monkey bars, a rope walk, and a rope climber.

Pen Mar Park Playground
Pen Mar Park Playground

A smaller playset for younger children includes a slide and a smaller rope climber.

Dual Zip Lines
Dual Zip Lines

The double zip lines provide a fast ride. They are located close to the pavilions in the park.

Pen Mar Park View

Pen Mar Park View
View with Appalachian Trail Sign

A unique feature of this park is the pavilion with an amazing view. This pavilion does not have picnic tables, it has benches to enjoy the view.

Pen Mar Park Valley
Pen Mar Park Valley View

Pen Mar Park also features a dance pavilion. On Sundays during the summer, bands play in the dance pavilion. Check out the park’s website for their band schedule.

Pen Mar Park Dance Pavilion
Dance Pavilion

Restrooms are available at the park, but can be locked at times, especially during the colder months.

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