Chambersburg Aquatic Center

7 Fun Things to do near Chambersburg, PA

Chambersburg is a small town nestled in the Cumberland Valley of south central Pennsylvania. There are many awesome things to do near Chambersburg, PA. From an amazing new aquatics center to a beautiful park that offers free train rides, it is a very family-friendly town. Here are 7 fun things to do near Chambersburg, PA: […]

Farm Near Pennsylvania

Farms Near Pennsylvania for Kids

Farms to Visit with Kids Once the weather starts to get nice, it’s time to check out kid-friendly farms near Pennsylvania. Be sure to wait until it’s not quite so muddy, as farms are known for large amounts of mud! There are many amazing farms near Pennsylvania. Kids love to interact with the animals. At […]

Farlington Park

Best Playgrounds Near DC

There are tons of amazing playgrounds near the DMV metropolitan area. This list contains some of the best playgrounds near DC, and this area has a lot to offer. Some of these parks are within close proximity of each other, making playground hopping a possibility. Fairlington Park Farlington Park is located beside Farlington Community Center, […]

Adventure Park

Adventure Park – Mechanicsburg, PA

Adventure Park is a 53-acre park located close to I-81 in Mechanicsburg, PA. Mechanicsburg is a town located on the outskirts of Harrisburg, the capital city. The park is associated with a neighboring church, who partnered with businesses over the years to expand the park. Playground Areas The playground at the park is quite large. […]