Hickory Falls – Hanover, PA

Hickory Falls Family Entertainment Center is located along Broadway (Route 194) in Hanover, PA.  It’s easy to get to from the traffic circle in Abbottstown along Route 30.  We have been here several times, and we can find something new to do each time.

There is a mini golf course, indoor play area, water wars, laser tag, go-karts, rollerball bowling, snack bar, and an arcade.  The arcade games are very interactive and mostly involve throwing a ball, spinning a wheel, or picking up an object with a claw.  There are game cards instead of tokens, and the game card also collects the amount of tickets won from the arcade games.  The tickets can be redeemed for the usual arcade prizes, though I noticed a decent amount of popular Frozen and super hero items.

After playing the arcade games, the kids (3 and 7 years old) spent about 20 minutes in the indoor play area.  There’s one long twist slide that exits the structure and another two slides within the play area. There’s a rope swing and trampoline-like areas, which the kids seemed to love. There’s only one entrance and exit that’s gated, making it easy to keep track of your kids.  There’s also a bar with several chairs facing the play area, where parents can relax, eat, or check their messages while the kids play.

Hickory Falls also has a unique indoor/outdoor go-kart track.  This track was added within the last year or so, and it uses electric go-karts.  The track can be closed to the outside and form an oval, or it can be extended to the outdoors in good weather.  I really enjoy driving these electric go-karts, they just seem so much smoother and cleaner to me than the gas ones.

We ended our trip to Hickory Falls by choosing prizes from the arcade and taking a few more turns at the candy pick-up machine.  We have a few dollars left on our game cards, so I’m sure we’ll be back soon.

Things to remember:
1.  Bring socks for the play area
2.  Hickory Fall often runs specials during the week.  Check their website and Facebook page for details.
3.  Game cards are reusable.  There is a nominal fee to get one, so hang on to yours for next time!

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