Mythical Woods Playground

Marty Snook Park – Hagerstown, MD

Marty Snook Park is located at 17901 Halfway Blvd in Hagerstown, Maryland. Hagerstown is about an hour northwest of Baltimore. The park includes many sports fields, a swimming pool, four picnic pavilions, and a one mile walking path. This post will focus on a newer feature of Marty Snook Park, which is the mythical woods […]

Donnie Williams Foundation Inclusive Playground Baseball

Harry S. Parker Athletic Complex – Salisbury, MD

The Harry S. Parker Athletic Complex is located at 711 West Naylor Mill Road in Salisbury, Maryland. Salisbury is south of Delaware and about 30 miles from Ocean City, Maryland. The athletic complex features 41 acres of fields, including eight baseball / softball fields. There’s also two concession stands, meeting rooms, a large parking lot, […]

Watkins Park Ropes Climber

Watkins Park – Mount Airy, MD

Watkins Park is located at 615 Center Street in Mount Airy, Maryland. Center Street is along Route 27, Ridge Road. This is close to Interstate 70, between Baltimore and Frederick. The park is about 20 acres and features two playgrounds, a walking path, exercise equipment, and pavilions. It’s important to not confuse this park with […]

Whitemarsh Part Slide

Whitemarsh Park – Bowie, MD

Whitemarsh Park is a 182-acre park located at 6300 Crain Highway, Bowie, Maryland. This park is part of a large sports complex with a football field and other sports fields. There’s also a fitness club nearby and a community theatre. Whitemarsh Park Playground When entering the park, a football field and parking lot will be […]

Pen Mar Park View

Pen Mar Park – Highfield-Cascade, MD

Pen Mar County Park is located in Washington County, Maryland. It’s close to the Mason-Dixon Line. The park’s address is 14600 Pen Mar Road, Highfield-Cascade, Maryland. Once an amusement park in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the rides and buildings were dismantled in 1943. In 1977, the former amusement park was developed into a […]

Lititz Springs Park Train

Lititz Springs Park – Lititz, PA

Lititz Springs Park is located in the center of town in Lititz, Pennsylvania. The park starts Broad Street and is also bordered by Maple Street. One entrance to the park is at Broad Street where the Lititz Welcome Center is located. The park features a seasonal concession stand called Lititz Springhouse. They typically post their […]

Millard Splash Pad

Millard Cooper Park – Sykesville, MD

Millard Cooper Park is located in the town of Sykesville, Maryland. Sykesville is about 25 miles west of Baltimore and about 17 miles south of Westminster, Maryland. Parking is available right beside the park, as you enter the park beside the gate house. The park recently added new playground equipment and a splash pad. The […]

Kinder Farm Park Tractor

Kinder Farm Park – Millersville, MD

Kinder Farm Park is located at 1001 Kinder Farm Park Road, Millersville, Maryland. It’s a 288-acre park featuring a large playground, animals, biking, fishing, and picnic pavilions. There is a fee to enter this park. It’s collected at a booth at the entrance of the driveway leading into the park or online. The daily fee […]

Bristol Township Splash Pad

Bristol Township Municipal Park – Bristol, PA

Bristol Township Municipal Park is located in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Bristol is approximately 20 miles northeast of Philadelphia and close to Trenton, New Jersey. The park is along Bristol Oxford Valley Road and is also bordered by Bath Road. The park’s address is: 2501 Bath Road, Bristol, Pennsylvania. The park features a recently added playground and […]

Idlewild Park Playground

Idlewild Park – Easton, MD

Idlewild Park is located at 115 Idlewild Ave, Easton, Maryland. This park features a large playground, basketball court, baseball fields, and tennis courts. Some parking is available around the perimeter of the park along South Aurora Street. However, those parking spaces are closer to the ball fields, and not the playground or basketball court. If […]