Amazing Playgrounds

Take advantage of those last few weeks of summer by playing on one of these amazing playgrounds.  Each playground on the map has a feature that makes it unique and extra fun for the kids.  From the super hero playground in Hyattsville, Maryland to the multi-story Kids Castle in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, these playgrounds are truly special.

Disclaimer:  I haven’t been to every one of these parks.  So verify their existence by doing some of your own Internet research.  I hope I covered the hard part for you, by finding these places.

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Post Author: karenbeth24

One thought on “Amazing Playgrounds

  • Desteny

    (August 8, 2016 - 6:26 am)

    This is a neat idea for a post! Too bad I don’t live in that area 😉
    Definitely going to be taking advantage of the last few weeks of summer, though, and getting out and about with my family. My daughter always loves going to the park!

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