Crayola Experience – Easton, PA

We headed to the Crayola Experience on a weekend morning.  The drive from Central Pennsylvania was about two hours.  As we entered the downtown area of Easton we started to look for parking.  I read from TripAdvisor reviews that it was possible to find on street parking, but after driving around a bit we decided to park in the parking garage.  The garage is a short walk across the street from the Crayola Experience building.

As we got out of our car, the kids noticed the bright colors and decorations on the building.  They started to get excited.  We walked in and waited in a short line to get our tickets scanned.  We pre-purchased them online at a cheaper price than at the door.  With our admission, we received several tokens that can be used at stations throughout the Experience.  Additional tokens can be purchased.  We got our tickets scanned and immediately headed up the elevator.  Since most people start on the first floor, we thought that going the opposite direction would avoid some of the crowds.

There are several different rooms to play in at the Crayola Experience.  Each room has an activity or two tied to the making of crayons or the use of crayons, markers, or paint.  My five-year-old’s favorite room was the one where you could melt crayons into other shapes.  She also liked the craft area; on the particular day that we were there, they had super hero crafts.  Kids could make their own super hero belts and masks.

My favorite area was the one where you could create personalized crayons with your own names for the colors.  This is where we used the majority of our tokens.  I created two crayons with the kids’ names on them.  I thought this was a perfect souvenir from this trip.  The machines to make the personalized crayons do get busy, so if you see this room empty take advantage of it.

Creating a custom crayon

Crayola Experience also has a multi-level play area, where kids can run around and get some energy out.  We did that before heading downstairs to the show.  The show is short and very kid-friendly.  It takes you through the process of how Crayola makes crayons.  I stood at the back to let my toddler crawl around, and the five-year-old sat up front.  The five-year-old seemed to enjoy the show, and I hope she learned a bit about how her crayons are made.  I certainly did.

Before we left, we stopped at the gift shop.  Usually, I try to avoid gift shops since my kids always want an expensive stuffed animal.  I’m glad we took some time to look around in this gift shop though, as they had a lot of cute crayola clothes (I especially liked a swim suit) that I haven’t seen in other retail stores.  After purchasing a few items from the gift shop, we headed to our car.

Things to Remember:

  1.  Have your children wear older clothes.  The paint and markers can get a bit messy.
  2.  Save your tokens to get personalized crayons in one of the first rooms downstairs.  I found that was the best value for your token and the crayons are a great souvenir.
  3.  Start on the top floor and work your way down to go in the opposite direction of the crowds.
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