Hellerick’s Family Farm – Doylestown, PA

Sponsored post – Hellerick’s Family Farm hosted us.  All opinions are my own.

Hellerick’s Family Farm is located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.  It is in the heart of Bucks County and north of Philadelphia.  The farm is easy to find just off Route 611 with plenty of signs that lead to the farm’s entryway.  The gravel parking lot is very close to the building that serves as the main entrance.

Hellericks Family Farm Entrance

The farm offers free admission to the farmer’s market portion of their property.  They have tons of pumpkins (even white pumpkins!), gourds, and ornamental corn during the Fall season.  If you’d like to explore and play in the adventure farm area, an admission fee gives you access to a ton of fun, natural-play based activities.

Hellericks Family Farm White Pumpkins

Junior Farmer Fun

The Junior Farmer area at Hellerick’s Family Farm is for children ages 5 and under.  There’s a playground with slides, but there’s also so much more.   A large sand pit, tricycle and pedal car area, bouncy ball coral, barrel racer, and cattle roping.  My favorite part was the pretend “cow” head that was set up that you could practice roping.  My two-year-old’s favorite part was the bouncy ball corral, which was a round tube for kids to stand on and bounce.

Hellerick's Family Farm Junior Farm Area

More Farm Fun

For the older child, there’s a separate play area with bigger versions of most of the junior farmer area.  A large spider web, netting crawl area, bouncy balls to hop around on, cow roping, corn pit, and a balance beam.  On the other side of the farm, there’s two huge, long, tube slides that are a ton of fun.  The slides are also beside the pumpkin rolling, which seemed to be the favorite attraction of most of the children that were playing while we were there.

Hellerick's Family Farm

Hellerick’s Family Farm Aerial Adventure

Hellerick’s Family Farm aerial adventure park is a new addition to the farm.  It’s a ropes and zip line course that has three different heights and levels for beginner through advanced.  There are age and height requirements for this course, so be sure to check Hellerick’s website for details.  Once you are suited up in the harness and helmet, you climb one flight of stairs to reach the first, 10-foot part of the aerial adventure.  It starts with a zip line, that takes you onto the challenge portion of the course.  There are different types of bridges and netting to maneuver through.  At the end of each level, the reward is a long zip line to go back to the main tower that houses the stairs.

Each level of the aerial adventure gets higher and more difficult.  It’s not only fun to watch, but it’s a great challenge of balance, patience, and strength.  At the end of the 30 foot high, third level of the course, there is a quick jump free fall, which sounds very scary.  Actually, after jumping, the attached rope lowers the person slowly to the ground.  There are staff members stationed on the stair tower, and they are there to help if you need it.  My 7-year-old was able to maneuver through the 10-foot course and the 20-foot course with no problems.  She opted to skip the 30-foot course and instead did the 10-foot course again.

Hellerick's Family Farm Aerial Adventure

Tractor Ride

The tractor ride starts at the large yellow flag.  The ride goes by the corn field and sunflower fields, while the guide points out the highlights of the farm, including how the land has been farmed since the late 1700s and the progression of the farming equipment that has been used on the farm over the decades.  As usual, my kids liked the bumps and hills of the tractor ride the best.  The ride last about 10 to 15 minutes and returned us to our starting position near the yellow flag.

Visit Hellerick’s farm website for more information and to plan your trip to the farm!

Tips for Visiting

  1. Ask for the tractor ride schedule when arriving, and time your play to arrive near the large yellow flag close to the tractor ride time.
  2. Love the aerial park?  Think about getting a season pass.  For one price you can get unlimited visits until the end of the season.
  3. If planning to do an aerial adventure, be sure to wear comfortable, athletic, close-toed shoes.
  4. Purchase tickets in advance on Hellerick’s website and save money on admission.

Sponsored post – Hellerick’s Family Farm hosted us.  All opinions are my own.

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