AvalancheXpress – York, PA

Snow conditions vary throughout the winter season. Before your visit, be sure to check the AvalancheXpress website to ensure the hills are open. As with any outdoor activity, there are risks, especially in the current climate. Snow tubing tickets must be purchased online before arriving at AvalancheXpress

AvalancheXpress is a snow tubing destination in south central Pennsylvania. It is conveniently located close to Interstate 83, and also not far from Route 30. This makes it easily accessible for Baltimore, Lancaster, Harrisburg, and Gettysburg.

Snow Tubing in York PA
AvalanceXpress Snow Tubing – Note the ice rink has moved from this location

AvalancheXpress is part of the Heritage Hills Resort. Packages are available that include overnight accommodations at Heritage Hills resort and snow tubing passes. In addition to snow tubing, there’s also ice skating available in an outdoor rink, located beside the Athletic Club.

To reach the ice rink, take the road located between Sweet Willows Creamery and the carpet store. Or, follow a small lane that runs from the snow tubing parking lot. Ice skating hours differ from snow tubing hours. They offer rental skates.

Snow tubing tickets must be purchased online before arriving at AvalancheXpress. There will be signs pointing you in that direction when you arrive at the snow tubing parking lot.

Once you have your snow tubing pass, grab a tube at the bottom of the hill, and go to the tow rope for an easy ride up to the top. You’ll sit down in the tube as a AvalancheXpress staff member attaches your tube to the rope. There are two ropes, to help the line move faster on busy winter days.

Each snow tube is a single-seater, but you can create trains to share the fun with your friends as you slide down the hill. Trains of up to three people were headed down the hill when we visited. The staff at the top of the hill will help you get into position.

Keep in mind that the weight of the train will increase your speed! After snow tubing, warm up by the fire pits and picnic tables available at the bottom of the hill.

Season passes are available for AvalancheXpress snow tubing. There’s also group rates and birthday party packages. Be sure to check their website when making plans to ensure that the hills are open.

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