Enchant – Washington, D.C.

Enchant is a holiday walk-through light event located inside National’s Park, a baseball stadium, in southeast Washington, D.C. Advance reservations are needed by purchasing tickets, as there are particular entry times associated with each ticket. Plan your trip on Enchant’s website.

Enchant Overview

Since Enchant is a holiday event, it is typically open on select days from late November until New Year’s Day, depending on the year. Check out Enchant’s website for exact dates and times of the event.

Enchant Nationals Park
Enchant Entrance

Enchant Parking

Parking can be purchased ahead of your trip on the Enchant website as an add-on to your ticket package. Then, just pull into the appropriate garage and get your ticket scanned. The garage that we reserved in advance was a short walk to the National’s Park. If you’re more familiar with this area of D.C., it may be cheaper to find other parking.

Enchant Maze

The maze is the main event at Enchant. Look for the lighted path through the stands of the stadium that leads to the baseball field. Once there, find the main house which offers two doors to choose where to start the maze.

Enchant Maze Entrance
Enchant Maze Entrance

The challenge throughout the maze is to help Eddie, the elf, find the eight missing toys that he needs for Christmas. There is a display giving instructions at the entrance of the maze.

Enchant Instructions
Enchant Maze Instructions Sign

At the maze entrance, you’ll receive a scratch off card in order to keep track of the toys you find. Use this card to help ensure you find the toys in the nooks and crannies of the maze.

Enchant Scavenger Hunt
Enchant Scavenger Hunt Card

As you find the toys throughout the maze, you can scratch off the card to keep track of your progress. There are some scratching devices at tables in some places, but it’s also possible just to use your finger nail. Bringing some spare change to use to scratch the boxes is also helpful.

Enchant Rocking Horse
Enchant Rocking Horse

Throughout the maze, you’ll find different tunnels, light structures, and of course, the toys you are trying to find for Eddie, the elf. Some toys are fun for photo opportunities, like the airplane and the train.

Enchant Train
Enchant Train

In addition to the toys, there’s a gigantic lit tree, gifts, ornaments, and many other light structures. There’s even a light pad where you can use your feet to light up the squares on the ground.

Enchant Tunnel
Enchant Light Tunnel

Enchant Ice Skating

There’s also an ice skating path at Enchant. Ice skating should be reserved in advance on the Enchant website. There will be a particular time period that you can choose to enter the rink.

Also, it’s best to fill out the online waiver head of time, so it’s taken care of when you arrive. At your time to skate, approach the booth at the skate area to get your wrist band and rental skates. They have both figure and hockey skates for most sizes.

Enchant Ice Skating
Ice Skating at Enchant

The ice skating area is a loop that goes around some lit trees. It’s narrow at one point and wide at other points. There is a railing to hold onto if you’re not a stable ice skater.

Enchant Foods

Drinks and snacks are available at the concession stand beside the ice skating area. There’s also a cotton candy stand at the entrance of the maze. There are souvenir cups and even special cotton candy which has a light up wand inside it, making it glow as you eat it.

Enchant Drinks
Souvenir cups at Enchant for Adult Drinks

For More Information

Visit Enchant’s website for more information. Note that there are other locations of Enchant throughout the country, so ensure you purchase tickets for the correct location.

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