Winding Hill Park North – Mechanicsburg, PA

Winding Hill Park North is located southwest of Harrisburg, PA in the town of Mechanicsburg. The park’s address is 901 E Winding Hill Road, Mechanicsburg, PA. Upon arriving at the park, you’ll turn into a large parking lot surrounded by baseball fields.

Winding Hills Park North Walk Way
Winding Hill Park North

To access the playground and main pavilion, walk across the street from the parking lot. The street is a side street only used by the park, so it’s not a busy road. There are also crosswalks to use, since park traffic may be using the road.

Winding Hill Park Playground
Winding Hill Park North Playground

The playground consists of one, large main play structure and then several other areas with play activities. In addition to the large, accessible play structure, there’s a merry-go-round, climbing wall, swing set, maze, spray poles, and musical section.

Winding Hill Park Maze
Maze at Winding Hill Park North

In the summer, it looks like the spray poles would be a lot of fun to stay cool. There are also many shaded picnic tables and a round pavilion that can be a break from the sun. The main playground structure also has some shade umbrellas.

Winding Hill North Spray Poles
Winding Hill Park North Spray Poles

To the side of the round pavilion is a set of musical instruments. This is is one of the largest sets that I’ve seen at a park lately.

Musical Playground Area

Winding Hill Park Restrooms

The restrooms for the park are located in the large pavilion. However, these restrooms close for the winter months. There’s also plenty of picnic tables. The set of picnic tables beside the pavilion have are two small tables for young children.

Winding Hill Park Pavilion
Large Pavilion with Restrooms

Winding Hill Park North Baseball Fields

Winding Hill Park North features several baseball fields. There’s also a basketball court and walking path.

Winding Hill North Park Baseball Field
Winding Hill Park North Baseball Field

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