QuiNBy’s Playground – Quakertown, PA

QuiNBy’s Playground recently opened in 2022. It’s located in Quakertown Memorial Park at 600 West Mill Street in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. This playground features two different, fenced sections. One section is for older children, while the smaller section is for toddlers and preschoolers.

QuiNBy's Playground Sign
QuiNBy’s Playground Sign

The tot playground features an inground merry-go-round, a small play structure with slide, a teeter totter, and some benches with shade umbrellas.

QuiNBy's Tot Playground
QuiNBy’s Tot Playground

Note that there are two openings in the fence in the tot playground. There is one by the main playground entrance and there is one on the far side by the triple baby swing.

QuiNBy's Baby Swings
Triple Baby Swing

The tot playground also features a triple baby swing structure. This is pretty unique, as I’ve never seen one at any other playground in the region. It looks like tons of fun for tots small enough to fit in the bucket seats.

QuiNBy's Long Slide
QuiNBy’s Long Slide

The main playground for older children is large with one main structure and a ropes climber / obstacle course. In the center of the rope obstacle course, there is a large web of ropes with a solid center.

QuiNBy's Ropes Web
QuiNBy’s Ropes Web
QuiNBy's Rope and Ziplines
QuiNBy’s Rope and Ziplines

In addition to the main play structure and ropes obstacle course, there’s also a long set of swings. The swings include dish swings, regular swings, and a unique two-seater swing.

QuiNBy's Playground Swings
QuiNBy’s Playground Swings

On one end of the playground there’s a rope swing structure and two zip lines. The zip line start up on a small hill and can be quite bouncy.

QuiNBy's Rope and Ziplines
QuiNBy’s Rope and Ziplines

Outside the playground fence, there’s a walking path and even a Little Free Library.

QuiNBy's Free Library
QuiNBy’s Free Library

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