Hands-on House – Lancaster, PA

Hands-on House Children’s Museum is located near Oregon Pike in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  It’s an interactive play space for children focusing on pretend play. 

Admission is one price to play all day.  Find their admission prices and policies on their website. There’s an indoor and outdoor area for play.

Hands on House Lancaster
Hands on House Entrance

There are multiple sections with different themes inside Hands-on House.  The themes include the outdoors, construction jobs, dress-up, store, and farm. 

Each section has multiple interactive items for kids to explore, play, and learn.  The first section upon entering has a tree and beehive kids can crawl through. 

Hands on House Tree
Hands-on House Tree

This area also includes a sandwich shop, florist, and ice cream shop. There’s plenty of pretend food to make sandwiches to order and create huge ice cream cones.

Hands on House Sandwiches
Sandwich Shop

The next section of Hands-on House is a farm.  There is a real tractor kids can sit on, an egg hatchery, and a place to feed a pretend pig and cow. 

Hands on House Tractor
Hands-no House Tractor

The kids loved picking apples and corn. They can also move around the “feed” for the animals.  There’s a second story loft that they can climb and move the “hay” from the loft to the ground where the animals are located.

Hands on House Farm
Hands-on House Farm

Finally, the back of the Hands on House is dedicated to construction.  There’s a crane they can load with bricks and see how far they can raise them. There’s also a plumbing, electrician, and masonry area where kids can learn about each of these jobs and pretend to complete tasks.

Hands on House Crane
Crane at Hands-on House

To show kids how an HVAC system works, there’s a maze of clear plastic tubes that illustrate how air moves through the system, using puff balls.

Watch out! The puff balls go flying out of the system at different exit points. The puff balls are soft, and the kids can watch them move through the system.

Hands on House Ball Shoot
Amazing Airways

Hands-on House Art Room

The indoor play space also has an art room that’s open specific hours during the open play time. Each day, there are different art activities. On the day we visited, there was a balloon painting station. Kids rolled the balloons in paint to create a unique print on their papers.

Hands on House Art Room
Hands-on House Art Room

Mason’s Adventure Garden

In addition to the indoor exhibits, there’s also an outdoor garden area with play opportunities.

Hands on House Outdoor Play
Hands-on House Outdoor Play

There’s playhouses with slides and ropes, a construction trucks area, and a maze. Many trees are throughout the garden, providing areas of shade.

Tips for Visiting

  1. Admission is for all day, so you can leave and play outside if the weather is nice.
  2. Check out their website for special hands-on events and activities in the Clubhouse.
  3. Check out these other kid-friendly places to visit in Lancaster
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