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Sponsored post – Nookside Stables hosted us for a Pony Ride Adventure.  All opinions are my own.

We visited Nookside Stables on a beautiful and warm Friday afternoon during the summer.  Two children were along for the adventure, and since they were age 9 and under, we scheduled a Pony Ride Adventure.  Reservations are made in advance on their website, and there is also information about the adventures available for different age groups.  Children 10 and older can participate in a Horse Ride Adventure, while the Pony Ride Adventure is available for younger children.

Nookside Stables Sign

When arriving at Nookside, we turned in at the sign along the main road and followed it through a winding lane that led us to the main barn where we checked in.  There are plenty of signs to lead you along the way, and they also send an informative e-mail to let you know where to go to start your adventure.  We followed the horse shoe prints as they led us from the parking lot to the steps that went to the second floor of the barn.  There, we were greeted by Nookside staff.  We checked in for our adventure and fitted the children for helmets for their pony rides.

Nookside Wall

Next, we took a tractor ride to the stables, where we met the pony that would be pulling our wagon.  We got comfortable on the wagon and headed out!  My favorite part of the wagon ride was going around the cart racing track, where we could pick up some speed (nothing crazy though!).  My kids’ favorite part was going down a few small hills, which rocked the wagon and made them giggle.

Wagon Ride

During our pony adventure, we got to talk to our Nookside guide a bit more.  She told us that the ponies we were riding today were the same ones that they bring to Dutch Wonderland for the pony rides.  We visit Dutch Wonderland often, so it was neat to see where these ponies live, and the beautiful, wide-open spaces they had for a home.  Now, every time we visit Dutch Wonderland, we look for Pogo, the pony that we rode at Nookside.

The wagon ride was nice and long, but not too long for the kids, as they were excited for the next part of our adventure.  We ended the wagon ride at the barn where we started and went to the stables on the bottom floor to prepare the pony for a ride.  The kids got to groom the pony while the Nookside staff member prepared the saddle.  She explained the grooming process, and how to properly care for a pony.  Next, we walked the pony out into a huge riding ring, and the kids took their turns riding.  The ring had many obstacles to guide the pony through and around, and the staff member stayed with the kids the whole time to ensure they were safe and comfortable on the pony.

Nookside Pony Ride

Nookside Riding Ring

We ended our adventure back on the second floor of the barn, where the staff takes a photo of everyone who “survived” their Nookside Adventure, and then we got to sign the wall!  Everyone who completes and adventure gets to leave their “mark” on the wall in the barn, and the kids got cute cowboy hats!  It was a cool ending to a fun day at Nookside.

Nookside Wall Signing

Tips for Visiting:

Nookside is a great day out for a group of tweens or even younger children with their parents.  They even offer birthday parties, which are perfect for kids who love horses and want to share the experience with their friends.  Also a fun idea for a group of mom friends who can experience a Pony Adventure with their children.  Here are even more tips:

  1. Make sure to reserve your adventure in advance.  Reservations can be made on Nookside’s website.
  2. Depending on the weather, make sure to wear sunscreen!  You’ll be in the sun during your ride.
  3. If taking small children on the pony ride, make sure to use the potty before heading out into the field!  There’s a potty by the main barn.

Sponsored post – Nookside Stables hosted us for a Pony Ride Adventure.  All opinions are my own.

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