Hoffer Park – Middletown, PA

Hoffer Park has the address of 235 Mill Street in Middletown, Pennsylvania. Middletown is located outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s capital city. It’s on the eastern shore of the Susquehanna River.

Hoffer Park Nittany Lion
Hoffer Park – Nittany Lion

The entrance to the 10-acre park includes an overhead sign and parking on either side of the road, along one long driveway.

Hoffer Park Sign
Park Entrance

Follow the road to the back of the park where the sports courts are located beside the playground. This is the closest parking area for the playground. The park is located along the Swatara Creek.

Hoffer Park Tower
Hoffer Park Towers

The playground is themed to sites familiar to the Middletown community. The airport control tower acts as the highest spot on the play structure, while some smaller slides are available, as well. There are many opportunities to climb and slide.

Hoffer Park Train
Hoffer Park Train

Smaller play equipment for younger children includes a train and a fire engine. These are located to the side of the playground.

Hoffer Park Firetruck
Hoffer Park Firetruck

Note that the playground surface is mulch, and it is not fenced. There are some benches around the perimeter of the playground. There are also some mature trees in the grassy areas, but they don’t provide much shade to the play structures.


The park has a long set of swings along the back of the playground. There are baby swings that parents can ride with their small child.

Hoffer Park Pavilion
Hoffer Park Pavilion

There are a couple of pavilions with picnic tables at the park. Pavilion two being located closest to the playground. The park also includes tennis, sandy volleyball, and basketball courts. They are located on the other side of the playground.

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