Warwick Memorial Park – Jamison, PA

Warwick Memorial Park is located along Memorial Drive in Jamison, Pennsylvania. Jamison is a small town in Warwick Township, Bucks County, north of Philadelphia. The park is situated beside The Estates at Mill Creek Ridge neighborhood.

Warwick Memorial Park Large Playground
Warwick Memorial Park Playground

To get to the park, take the immediate right when entering the neighborhood. Follow the road and continue straight to park in the parking lot closest to the playground.

The park is small, but it is a bit of a hidden gem. There is a playground with many climbing, sliding, and swinging opportunities. The large play structure has a long slide and a big ropes climber.

Warwick Memorial Park Ropes Climber
Ropes Climber

The playground also features a long row of swings bordering one side of the mulched playground area. Note that the playground is not fenced. While there is a road near it, it’s a road only used to access the park, so it’s not extremely busy on a typical day.

Warwick Memorial Park Swings
Park Swings

There’s also a safety town, which is a fenced area with small “buildings” and roadways resembling a town. Small bikes, scooters, tricycles, and big wheels can navigate the town and learn the rules of the road. Safety Town has a fence surrounding it with a closable gate.

Warwick Memorial Park Safety Town

Keep in mind there isn’t any shade in safety town, so it could be rather hot on warm, sunny days. There’s a paved path which leads to the safety town entrance, and a walking trail.

Warwick Memorial Park Safety Town Road
Warwick Memorial Park Safety Town Road

Warwick Memorial Park Pavilion

A pavilion beside the playground offers shade, picnic tables, restrooms, and a drink vending machine. The restrooms were open when we visited in April 2023.

Warwick Memorial Park Pavilion
Warwick Memorial Park Pavilion

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