Herr’s Snack Factory Tour – Nottingham, PA

Herr’s Snack Factory Tour is located at 271 Old Baltimore Pike, Nottingham, Pennsylvania. It’s just across the Maryland border, in the southeast corner of Pennsylvania. The snack factory offers tours of the plant on certain weekdays when the plant is operating, typically Mondays through Wednesdays. Check the schedule on their website for current tour times and more information.

Herr's Factory Signs
Herr’s Factory Entrance Signs

Tickets can be reserved online via the Herr’s website and should be purchased in advance, because the tour times often sell out. If planning to visit on a school break, be sure to reserve many weeks in advance, as these are popular times.

Parking for the tour is located across the street from the factory store. Follow the signs to the store, as the facility is quite large with numerous buildings.

Herr's Factory Building
Herr’s Factory Tour Building

The tour will begin in the snack factory store, where you can browse many types of snacks before your tour group is called. Restrooms are also available in this area. After checking in at the counter, you’ll be giving a tour group based on a chip flavor. It’s not the flavor you’ll receive, just a way to name your group.

Herr's Factory Store
Herr’s Factory Store

Herr’s Snack Factory Tour

When they call the tour group, you’ll first watch a short film about the Herr family, their history, and the history of Herr’s Snack Company. After the film, you’ll be escorted around the plant by your tour guide.

The tour is very interesting, and it is rather long. Our tour group asked many questions, and our tour was approximately two hours. While the snack production of the day will vary, there may be chips, cheese curls, popcorn, and more being produced.

Herr's Factory History
Herr’s History Display

At the end of the tour, if chips are being produced at the time, you’ll receive some fresh potato chips directly from the factory line.

At the end of the tour, you’ll come back into the snack outlet. Then, you’ll have more time to browse or purchase snacks, if you’d like.

Tips for visiting Herr’s Factory Tour

Note that you’ll move between buildings during the tour. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and bring an umbrella, if needed.

This is a great activity to pair with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Perryville. The Herr’s Factory is about 20 minutes from the Lodge.

Great Wolf Lodge - Perryville - Building
Great Wolf Lodge – Perryville

Note that there are very limited tour hours for the Herr’s Factory Tour, so plan ahead, as tour tickets sell out. Check the schedule on their website for current tour times, to purchase tickets, and learn more information.

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