Downtown Cary Park – Cary, NC

The town of Cary, located just west of Raleigh, North Carolina, is home to a large park in the center of town. The park is called Downtown Cary Park, and it is located between South Academy Street and South Walker Street. The official address of the park is 327 South Academy Street, Cary, NC.

Downtown Cary Park - Sign

The park is very large, so there are many different sections to explore. There is a children’s playground, splash pad (open seasonally), great lawn with pavilion, “sky” walkway, and more. There’s even a small market with some snacks and treats available for purchase.

Downtown Cary Park Market
Downtown Cary Park Market

Market 317 is the small market located along South Academy Street. It features grab and go snacks. There are restrooms available in this area, along with some tables.

Downtown Cary Park Playground – The Nest

The playground is easy to spot, but it can be tricky to get there. It’s called “The Nest” and located below a walkway that winds around to the entrance. The playground features a playset with lower climbing obstacles and slides, for smaller children.

Downtown Cary Park Tot Lot
Toddler Play Area

The playground for older children includes two large bird play structures with long slides. There are also several long slides situated down the hill that leads to the base of the playground.

Downtown Cary Park - Slides
Downtown Cary Park – Slides

Note there are a lot of rocks in the area of the slides, so it may be best for older children. The slides are various lengths, with some being wider, shorter, and easier to access.

Downtown Cary Park - Cardinal
Downtown Cary Park Playground

Beside the playground is a splash pad for the summer months. This area includes many rock obstacles as well, so proceed with caution.

Downtown Cary Park - Splash Pad
Splash Pad

Restrooms are available near the playground. Next to the playground is the great lawn and pavilion area. This is a performance pavilion for events, and the great lawn serves as a seating area for the performances.

Downtown Cary Park - Pavilion

Other areas of the park include a dog park and fenced play space for pups to run, a skywalk, as well as gardens and water features.

Downtown Cary Park - Skywalk Entrance
Skywalk Entrance

Downtown Cary Park Parking Options

There are several parking options when visiting Downtown Cary Park. A parking deck is located behind the Cary Regional Library. There is also parking available in the lot on Charlie Gaddy Lane and in the Town Hall Parking Deck. Please follow all posted signage to ensure you are parking in a public space.

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