Topgolf – Baltimore, MD

Topgolf is located in Baltimore, Maryland near M&T Bank Stadium. The address is 1411 Warner Street. Topgolf is a golf driving range with games that can be played with electronically-tracked balls.

Topgolf Building
Topgolf Entrance

A large parking garage is located beside Topgolf and is shared with the Horseshoe Casino. Topgolf parking is available on the second level of this garage.

Parking is free, but you need to take a ticket at the garage and get it validated inside of Topgolf. Before arriving, it is a good idea to make reservations, as the golfing bays can fill fast, especially on weekends, evenings, or holidays. The website includes the current wait time for a bay.

Topgolf Bay
Topgolf Bay

Once you arrive, you’ll check in to your bay. Note that the first time you play at Topgolf, there is a $5 membership fee per person. Bay access is charged by the half hour.

If you have small children, it may be best to reserve a bay on the ground level. There are three levels of bays, and the second and third levels have a sharp drop off. It is protected with a net, but it is best to play it safe with small children.

Topgolf Ground-Level Bay
Topgolf Ground-Level Bay

Next, you’ll you choose your game, and it keeps score for you. The games are kid-friendly, and provide a screen to show your progress with the game. When you finish one game you can choose another. There is a lot of games that you can choose from, including Angry Birds. The balls have a microchip tracking device to indicate where your ball landed to keep score.

Topgolf Clubs
Topgolf Clubs

Golf clubs are provided right beside the bay. If you are left handed there are left-handed clubs, but you’ll need to ask your server to bring them to your bay. There is a ball dispenser that you can wave you club close to the camera and it gives you a balls.

Topgolf Ball Dispenser
Topgolf Ball Dispenser

Then you can play golf and you are going to try to hit the circles in the driving range so you can get points. There are different sizes of circles you can try to hit.

Topgolf Wings

Food can be ordered directly to your bay. The bays can have either high top tables or a couch. We chose the couch, so you can relax and eat your food while somebody can take their turn. Note that the bays are open air, but there are fans and heaters.

Topgolf Buffalo Dip
Topgolf Buffalo Dip

Topgolf features desserts as well as shareable appetizers and main entrees. The injectable donuts were a fun, but messy choice. There are three flavors to inject in the donut holes; we chose chocolate and raspberry.

Topgolf Donuts
Topgolf Injectable Donuts

The lounge features some fun games, too, including air hockey, shuffle board, and foosball. Each of these games are free to play.

Topgolf Lounge
Lounge with games

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