Salisbury Zoo – Salisbury, MD

Salisbury Zoo is a free-admission zoo located at 755 South Park Drive, Salisbury, Maryland. There are two entrances to the zoo, and this address is for the zoo’s east entrance.

There’s another parking area at the other end of the zoo, near Ben’s Red Swings playground. This entrance is the west entrance.

If your plans include the playground and / or picnicking, use the west entrance located near the intersection of Beaver Dam Drive and South Park Drive in Salisbury, Maryland.

Salisbury Zoo Entrance
Salisbury Zoo West Entrance

Parking is free at this zoo. The zoo has paved walkways, so it’s easy to navigate with a stroller. Many trees around the zoo provide shady spots.

Salisbury Zoo Map

Upon entering the zoo, maps are posted showing the layout of the different sections and animals. There is a wide variety of mammals, reptiles, and birds.

Salisbury Zoo Animals

Mammals at the zoo include a capybara, ocelot, red wolf, North American river otter, red-necked wallaby, white-nosed coati, and many more.

Salisbury Zoo Australia
Entrance to Australia Area

Possibly the most popular animal is the bears. In 2022, there are two bear cubs. However, they are not always out for guests to see. Hopefully, you can be lucky and happen to see the bear cubs playing. Note that the animals at the zoo may change. Check the zoo’s website for the current list of animals.

Salisbury Zoo Bears

Birds at the zoo include a bald eagle, laughing kookaburra, greater rhea, burrowing owl, black-necked swan, green-winged macaw, American flamingo, and much more.

Salisbury Zoo Flamingos

In the reptile section, there’s an American alligator, ball python, box turtle, diamondback terrapin, and two types of tortoises.

Salisbury Zoo Food

The Beastro is the eatery at the zoo. However, it was closed on the day that we visited. For picnicking during a visit to the zoo, there’s a picnic grove near Ben’s Red Swing playground at the west entrance.

Salisbury Zoo Gift Shop

The gift shop, the Ocelot Spot, is typically open during the summer season.

When it’s open during the summer season, the gift shop has plush animals, t-shirts, souvenirs, toys, jewelry and Fair trade items. All proceeds from items sold at the gift shop benefit the zoo.

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