Ben’s Red Swings Playground – Salisbury, MD

Ben’s Red Swings is a community playground located near the intersection of Beaver Dam Drive and South Park Drive in Salisbury, Maryland. There’s a large parking lot beside the playground. It’s also a convenient location to park to visit the Salisbury Zoo.

Bens Red Swings Entrance
Ben’s Red Swings Castle Entrance

Ben’s Red Swings is a memorial playground for a little boy who passed away. His favorite color was red, so the playground is adorned with many red highlights throughout the structures. The red swings are a symbol of Ben’s red angel wings from his dreams.

Bens Red Swings Monkeybars
Monkey Bars and Climbing Wall

The playground is large and includes many play elements. It’s built within a grove of tall trees, making it fairly shady. It’s surrounded by a gate, though take note that there are two entrances / exits. One in the front and one at the side.

Bens Red Swings Gate
Side Gate at Ben’s Red Swings


There are two sandboxes at Ben’s Red Swings playground. One is a bit larger and separate from the main playground structure.

Bens Red Swings Sand
Larger Sandbox

The second sandbox is smaller, though it is shaded and beside the tot lot. This sandbox also has a digger.

Bens Red Swings Covered Sand
Small Covered Sandbox

Of course, Ben’s Red Swings playground has a long set of swings. There’s also a smaller set of bucket swings in the tot lot area.

Bens Red Swings
Ben’s Red Swings

The playground has several picnic tables within its gates. However, there’s also picnic grounds on the other side of the parking lot from the playground.

Bens Red Swings Picnic
Picnic Tables

The picnic grove also has a small playground structure. The picnic tables dot the landscape and sit among the trees. It’s mostly shaded due to the tall trees throughout this area.

Bens Red Swings Picnic Grove
Picnic Grove near Ben’s Red Swings

The picnic area borders a creek, which tends to have some ducks paddling around. There’s also a nice bridge to view the creek.

Bens Red Swings Bridge
Bridge near the playground

Ben’s Red Swings Restrooms

There is a small restroom building at the playground. Theses restrooms have running water. There’s also a water bottle filler in front of the restrooms.

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