Best Waterfalls in PA

Pennsylvania is home to some amazing waterfalls. Five waterfalls in PA only scratches the surface of the amazing views and hikes in Pennsylvania that include waterfalls. Be sure to check out some more beautiful Pennsylvania waterfalls at the end of this post.

Ricketts Glen Waterfalls

Ricketts Glen State Park Waterfall in PA
Ricketts Glen State Park Waterfall

It’s difficult to discuss waterfalls in Pennsylvania without mentioning Ricketts Glen State Park. There are 24 named waterfalls at Ricketts Glen, and it seems that each one is beautiful in its own way. Adam’s Falls is probably the easiest to access at the park, however it’s the main falls trail loop that packs the main punch of Pennsylvania waterfall beauty.

Ricketts Glen Waterfall in PA
Ricketts Glen Waterfall

Cucumber Falls

Cucumber Falls at Ohiopyle State Park
Cucumber Falls at Ohiopyle State Park

Ohiopyle State Park is home to the beautiful Cucumber Falls. The water level on these falls, like all falls, can vary depending on the time of year and the amount of recent rainfall. It’s best to visit after a good, soaking rain to view Cucumber Falls. The hike to these falls is fairly easy, though there is a big set of stairs to get to the bottom of the waterfall.

Nay Aug Park

Nay Aug waterfall in PA

The gorge at Nay Aug Park is viewable from a fairly short and easy hike from the parking lot by the park’s playground. Be sure to stay on the trail and view from the proper viewing platforms in this park. Trying to access the gorge and falls is dangerous. Nay Aug Park is unique in that the gorge is viewable from a “tree house” built well above the gorge. Visit this gorge and waterfall in the city of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls in Trough Creek State Park
Rainbow Falls in Trough Creek State Park

This beautiful waterfall is located within Trough Creek State Park in the Raystown Lake region of central Pennsylvania. This waterfall is easy to reach along a short trail, however the trail begins with a swinging bridge, which lives up to it’s name. Hanging on to the side rails of this bridge is almost a necessity. It’s easy to view these falls from the top and bottom. Be sure to continue along the trail to view the Balanced Rock, another major attraction at Trough Creek State Park.

Acriggs Falls

 Acriggs Falls in Swatara State Park
Acriggs Falls in Swatara State Park

Even though Acriggs Falls is a tall waterfall in a state park, it’s not on the state park map! To visit Bordner’s cabin which overlooks Acriggs Falls, check out this post which gives detailed directions. The amount of rain will drastically affect this waterfall too. While the hike to these falls is 1.5 miles from the closest parking lot, the hike is mostly flat and gravel. Bikes are often seen parked at the waterfall and cabin, since the trail is bike-friendly.

Sweet Arrow Lake

The waterfall at Sweet Arrow Lake is unique because of the bridge above it to view the waterfall from above. Then, the winding trail will take you to the banks of the creek, where you can view the waterfall closer to the water.

Sweet Arrow Lake Waterfall in PA
Sweet Arrow Lake Waterfall in PA

Waterfalls in PA

Have fun exploring the waterfalls in PA. Be sure to use caution when exploring the great outdoors!

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