Clemyjontri Park – McLean, Virginia

Clemyjontri Park is located at 6317 Georgetown Pike in McLean, Virginia. It’s about a 10 mile drive from Washington, D.C. The park features a large playground and carousel.

Clemyjontri Park Playground Entrance
Clemyjontri Playground

There are several distinct sections of this large playground. Starting with the rainbow archway, the Rainbow Room area teaches kids the colors of the rainbow.

The schoolhouse and maze portion of the playground helps kids learn about maps, globes, time zones, and clocks.

The movin’ and goovin’ section has transportation themed equipment including trains, planes, motorcycles, and a race track.

Clemyjontri Park Train Playground
Transportation Area of Clemyjontri Park

Finally, there’s a fitness and fun area that’s meant to be place for kids to build confidence and burn energy.

Clemyjontri Park Carousel

The large playground surrounds a carousel. The carousel operates on different days and times during the warmer months. Be sure to check the carousel schedule if your child would like to ride.

Carousel tickets are sold at a ticket booth near the playground. Ticket prices are $3.50 on weekdays and $4.50 on weekends and holidays in 2023 (prices subject to change). Parents can supervise children under 42 inches tall on the carousel at no extra charge.

Clemyjontri Park Carousel
Clemyjontri Park Carousel

The carousel is recessed at ground level for accessibility. There are many horses to choose, as well as a teacup that can spin.

There’s also a trackless train that operates at the park. Check the park’s website for possible hours of operation in 2023.

Clemyjontri Park Pavilion

The park features a pavilion for half-day and full-day community rentals. If it is not reserved, it’s available on a first come, first served basis.

Clemyjontri Park Restrooms

There is a building with restrooms at the playground. There’s also vending machines with drinks.

Clemyjontri Park Restrooms
Clemyjontri Restrooms

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