34 Best Playgrounds in Maryland [Updated 2024]

The best playgrounds in Maryland are some of the nicest playgrounds in the country! Enjoy these fun-themed playgrounds. As always, ensure they are open before venturing out.

Watkins Regional Park – Upper Marlboro

Watkins Regional Park’s main attraction is the Wizard of Oz themed playground. In my opinion, it’s the best playground in Maryland. However, there are many more amazing features of this park. There’s a miniature train (seasonal) , carousel (seasonal), and another beautifully themed playground.

Best Playgrounds in Maryland
Best Playground in Maryland – Wizard of Oz Playground

This is a must-visit park for toddlers, preschoolers, and young children. Be sure to notice all of the fun details of the park, including Toto’s water bowl and the Wicked Witch of the West’s legs. Check out other detailed information about the miniature train and carousel on the park’s website.

Watkins Regional Park

Annie’s Playground – Fallston

Annie’s Playground is an amazing wooden playground in Fallstown, Maryland. There are tons of slides, places to climb, and fun theming to enjoy.

Annie’s Playground

It was recently renovated in 2023, and it’s still as vibrant and colorful as the original version of the playground. There’s also different sections for each age group.

Annies Playground Large Slides
Annie’s Playground in Fallston

Wheaton Regional Park – Silver Spring

We love this park for the amazing slides! Wheaton Regional Park seems to be an example of how slides can be made as long as possible. We love pulling up to this playground and seeing the extra long, yellow slides.

Wheaton Regional Park
Wheaton Regional Park

Another fun feature is the wall climbing opportunity to get back up to do another slide down those enormous, yellow slides. Don’t forget to check out the other unique features of this playground, including the large blue hill. Here’s more information about this playground.

Walker Mill Regional Park – Capitol Heights

Walker Mill Regional Park has everything a kid could want in a playground. It’s beautifully themed, including the chance to climb up a windmill. This is another park full of little details.

Best Playgrounds in Maryland - Walker Mill Regional Park
Best Playgrounds in Maryland – Walker Mill Regional Park

Be sure to look for all of the hidden animals. During the summer, there’s also the chance to cool off in the misting part of the playground.

Sailwinds Park – Cambridge

Sailwinds Park is an amazingly cool playground that makes for a nice pit stop on your way to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It has beautiful views, and an equally beautiful playground.

Best Playgrounds in Maryland - Sailwinds Park
Best Playgrounds in Maryland – Sailwinds Park

Perfectly themed with a lighthouse and ship, it’s a ton of fun to play here. A walking trail by the water and a view of an actual light house run out the reasons to visit this park.

Northwest Regional Park – Owings Mills

Northwest Regional Park is home to the new Ravens-themed playground. This playground includes an obstacle course and a large slide structure.

Play Like a Raven Tackle
Northwest Regional Park

The obstacle course even has timers available with start buttons to time your ability to get through the obstacle course.

Northwest Regional Park

White Marsh Park – Bowie

White Marsh Park includes a large sports complex with a football field. It also has a unique, sports-themed playground with soccer, lacrosse, and many other sports represented in the play structures.

Whitemarsh Part Slide
White Marsh Park

This playground also includes swings, ropes climbers, and of course, slides.

White Marsh Park

Loys Station Park – Rocky Ridge

Loys Station Park is known for its covered bridge within the park. There’s also a nice playground with many slides and climbing features.

Loys Station Playground
Loys Station Park

Pen Mar Park – Highfield-Cascade

Pen Mar Park is known for its magnificent view, but it also has a cool playground! The playground is a new version of the wooden playgrounds, and features a rope bridge and a long zip line.

Pen Mark Playground Ropes
Pen Mar Park

Be sure to check out the view while you are at this park. There’s also picnic pavilions to enjoy a picnic lunch, and a connection to the Appalachian Trail.

Pen Mar Park View
Pen Mar Park

Marty Snook Park – Hagerstown

Marty Snook Park is located in Hagerstown, Maryland. The playground at this park is a bit hidden, but it can be found by parking at pavilion 2 and taking the short, paved path into the woods.

Mythical Woods Tower
Marty Snook Park

Marty Snook Park has some magnificently-carved creatures within the park. Don’t miss all of the small details that make this park very whimsical!

Mythical Woods Spider
Marty Snook Park

Harry S. Parker Athletic Complex – Salisbury

While Harry S. Parker Athletic Complex isn’t a traditional park, it has a great playground to check out!

Donnie Williams Foundation Inclusive Playground Baseball
Harry S. Parker Athletic Complex

This athletic complex features many baseball fields. In the midst of the fields is a playground with a baseball theme!

Watkins Park – Mount Airy

This park should not be mixed up with Watkins Regional Park in Upper Marlboro. This park is located in Mount Airy, near Frederick. The Watkins Park features a new playground with a large climbing rope structure. The unique feature of this rope course is the small, enclosed “house” that sits at the top.

Watkins Park Ropes Climber
Watkins Park – Mount Airy

Millard Cooper Park – Sykesville

Millard Cooper Park has enjoyed a renewed popularity because of the splash pad that was recently installed at this park. The splash park includes many spray features and a small slide.

Millard Cooper Splash Pad
Millard Cooper Splash Pad

There’s also a new playground area with a long zip line and ropes climber.

Millard Cooper Ropes
Millard Cooper Park

Ben’s Red Swings – Salisbury

Ben’s Red Swings is a memorial playground located beside the free Salisbury Zoo. The playground is large and is shaded by very tall trees.

Bens Red Swings Entrance
Ben’s Red Swings

There are sand play areas and of course, red swings. Check out the picnic areas near this park, as well as the free zoo.

Kinder Farm Park – Millersville

Kinder Farm Park has many activities in addition to their big playground. There are animals to check out, as well as picnic pavilions.

Kinder Farm Park Tractor
Kinder Farm Park

This playground is large, including many levels of playground equipment. There is a special area for toddlers and some shade structures.

Kinder Farm Park Slide
Kinder Farm Park

Idlewild Park – Easton

Idlewild Park features a large playground, colorful basketball course, and much more. This playground is mostly fenced, and includes areas for different aged children.

Idlewild Park Tot Lot
Idlewild Park

Brantwood Regional Park – Elkton

Brantwood Regional Park contains a newer playground and a paved walking trail. The playground has a unique three-seat swing that is the hit of the playground!

Brantwood Park Triple Swing
Brantwood Regional Park

Sweet Air Park – Phoenix

Sweet Air Park contains a playground that has some great ride-on options for toddlers. There’s also a big climbing structure.

Sweet Air Park

Bowie Heritage Playground – Bowie

This park’s name is a bit difficult to determine, but in most places it’s called either Bowie Heritage Park or 10th Street Park. This park has unique, kid-size buildings that can be explored.

Bowie Park Town
10th Street Park

There’s also more traditional playground equipment, in addition to the tiny buildings.

Angel Park – Perry Hall

Angel Park is a giant fenced-in playground in Perry Hall. The playground has many slides, monkey bars and two zip lines.

Angel Park Main Slide
Angel Park

Sophie and Madigan’s Playground – Frederick

Sophie and Madigan’s Playground is a memorial, fairy-tale themed playground that recently had a new phase added to it. The new phase features tons of unique elements!

Sophie and Madigan's Playground
Sophie and Madigan’s Playground

Rockfield Park – Bel Air

Rockfield Park is a very unique playground. During the warmer months, there is a large water feature where kids can play.

Rockfield Park Water
Rockfield Park

Blandair Regional Park

This is one of the biggest playgrounds in the area! Blandair Regional Park features Laura’s Place playground. This playground has many different sections, which each have a theme.

Blandair Park Tot Lot
Blandair Regional Park

This park also features an obstacle course.

South Bowie Community Center – Bowie

South Bowie Community Center‘s playground is fenced and a bit smaller than the others on this list. However, it’s creative castle theme makes up for its small size.

South Bowie Community Center Dragon Slide
South Bowie Community Center

Millard Tydings Memorial Park – Havre de Grace

Millard Tydings playgroud features a unique lighthouse slide, as well as lots of traditional playground equipment. It’s located close to the Havre de Grace Promenade, which is a scenic and educational walking area around the waterfront area.

Light House at Millard Tydings Memorial Park
Millard Tydings Memorial Park

Sandy Point State Park – Annapolis

Sandy Point State Park is known for it’s beach along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. However, there’s also a cute playground that is themed for the beach and for the nature surrounding it.

Sandy Point State Park Playground
Sandy Point State Park Playground

Pinecliff Park – Frederick

Pinecliff Park features a large, three-story climber with many tall tube slides to enjoy for older children. There’s also a tot play structure, swings, and monkey bars. Keep in mind this playground is not fenced, and there’s a nearby pond that is used for ice skating when the conditions are right. There’s also a sledding hill at this park.

Pinecliff Park Playground
Pinecliff Park Playground

Utica District Park – Frederick

Utica District Park is a large park with many different types of sports fields. For playgrounds, there’s to separate, fenced playgrounds for older children and younger children. The structure have shade built-in, and there’s plenty opportunity to climb and slide.

Utica District Park Playground
Utica District Park Playground

Lyn Stacie Getz – Bel Air

Lyn Stacie Getz playground is a memorial playground located in Bel Air. It features colorful play equipment, a row of swings and a tire swing, a shaded pavilion with seating, and a tot lot with a train and truck for play.

Lyn Stacie Getz Giraffes
Lyn Stacie Getz

Heurich Park – Hyattsville

Heurich Park features to different playgrounds. One playground is comic hero themed, while the other is called the Heurich Mobility Playground. Each playground is unique. The mobility playground features a large rope structure with clubhouse at the top. The comic hero playground features logos from many super heros, swings, slides, and a small pavilion.

Heurich Park Captain America
Heurich Park – Comic Hero Playground

Othello Regional Park – Knoxville

Othello Regional Park is located between Frederick and Harpers Ferry. The park features a fenced-in playground with slides and “rock” climbing to access the play structure. There are benches near the playground, but not much shade.

Othello Regional Park Large Playground
Othello Regional Park Playground

Eyler Road Park – Thurmont

Eyler Road Park installed two new playground areas in 2024. The first area is along Eyler Road in Thurmont. It includes a large climbing and slide structure, as well as some low elements for younger children.

Eyler Park Playground Slide
Eyler Road Park

Along a walking path, farther into the park, is a second new climbing structure with slide. There are also baby swings in this area.

Eyler Road Park Tot Lot
Eyler Road Park Tot Lot

Dewey Local Park – Silver Spring

This colorful park boasts a tot playground and larger playground along with vibrant murals on the park’s buildings. There’s also a bike path and an in-line hockey rink at Dewey Local Park.

Dewey Local Park Playground on Hill
Dewey Local Park

Dunkirk District Park – Dunkirk

Dunkirk District Park features a lighthouse and fishing theme, with many slides, a zip line, and climbing opportunities. There are pavilions and shaded picnic tables.

Dunkirk District Park Playground

Best Playgrounds in Maryland

This brief summary of the best playgrounds in Maryland will hopefully give you plenty of ideas for fun places to take your kids. Enjoy the warm summer days or bundle them up get some fresh air when it’s cold. Whenever you decide to visit, have fun!

Looking for more amazing playgrounds in addition to these best playgrounds in Maryland? Check out this comprehensive list of playgrounds.

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