Preston’s Playground – Newark, DE

Preston’s Playground is located at 250 Old Papermill Road in Newark, Delaware. It’s close to the Maryland and Pennsylvania borders.

Preston's Playground Slides

The park opened in 2018 and is an all inclusive playground. The playground equipment is designed with ramps so that all children can use it and play together.

The playground is 6,000 square feet and the playground surface is rubberized, making it easy for wheels to navigate.

Preston's Playground

There are many different elements of the playground, including slides, monkey bars, a merry-go-round, and more.

Preston's Playground Roller
Preston’s Playground Swings

There’s several types of swings, including a dish swing, and small zip lines.

Preston's Playground Ramp
Preston’s Playground with Shade Umbrellas

Since there aren’t any mature trees near the playground, shade is provided by large umbrellas above the play structure.

Preston’s Playground Restrooms

Preston’s Playground has a restroom building, water fountains, and a water bottle filler.

Preston's Playground Restrooms and Water
Preston’s Playground Restrooms

The parking lot for the playground is fairly large and paved.

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