Rapho Community Park Climbing

Rapho Community Park – Mount Joy, PA

Rapho Township Community Park is located in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. Mount Joy is a small town northwest of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The park is located at 960 Strickler Road and features a paved walking trail, pavilions, playing fields and playgrounds. Rapho Community Park Playground There is a large playground area by the main parking lot that […]

Amos Herr Dream Park

Amos Herr Dream Park – Landisville, PA

Amos Herr Dream Park is located a few miles northwest of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in the town of Landisville. The address of the park is: 1700 Nissley Road. There is a large parking lot located beside the main playground area. It’s just a short, paved walk to the covered bridge that leads into the playground. Tot […]

Best Waterfalls in PA

Best Waterfalls in PA

Pennsylvania is home to some amazing waterfalls. Five waterfalls in PA only scratches the surface of the amazing views and hikes in Pennsylvania that include waterfalls. Be sure to check out some more beautiful Pennsylvania waterfalls at the end of this post. Ricketts Glen Waterfalls It’s difficult to discuss waterfalls in Pennsylvania without mentioning Ricketts […]

Daniels Den Playground

Daniel’s Den Playground – Lancaster, PA

Daniel’s Den Playground is located beside Manor Church in Lancaster, PA. It is part of Manor Church Community Park, which is located close to the Mountville exit of Route 30 in Pennsylvania. The park is open to the public, and includes a short walking trail, soccer field, pavilion, and inclusive playground. Daniel’s Den Playground Equipment […]

Saint Peters Village

Saint Peters Village, PA

Disclaimer:  Caution must be used at all times as natural hazards exist on the trails at Saint Peters Village.  Please play wisely and follow your applicable state guidance for travel and safety considerations. Saint Peters Village is an historic area along French Creek in Chester County, Pennsylvania. It’s known for its charming main street filled […]

Haines Shoe House

Haines Shoe House – York, PA

The Haines Shoe House is located along Route 30 in York, Pennsylvania. It’s easy to reach from the Hallam exit (Route 462) off Route 30. The Shoe House is located along Shoe House Road, which is a right turn after about a mile on Route 462. Built in the late 1940s by a man who […]

Pioneer Tunnel

Pioneer Tunnel – Ashland, PA

Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine and Steam Train is an attraction in Central Pennsylvania’s coal mine region. The tunnel sits above the town of Ashland, Pennsylvania. It was mined in the early 1900’s for about 20 years. Later, it opened as a tourist attraction, educating future generations about the coal mines. There are two major activities […]