Fright-Filled or Kid-Friendly: Choose Your Experience at Cedar Point’s Halloweekends

Sponsored post – Cedar Point hosted us.  All opinions are my own.

Looking for that perfect, Instagram-photo worthy Fall experience for your family with young children?  You can find it at Cedar Point.

Cedar Point Halloweekends

Looking for a gory fright-fest that will leave you screaming (for more)?  You can find it at Cedar Point.

Halloweekend Decorations

Confused?  Cedar Point makes it easy to time your visit during the daylight to enjoy the Great Pumpkin Fest activities with young children.  The Great Pumpkin Fest includes pumpkin painting, a hay bale maze, trick-or-treating, and more.  There are even unique attractions such as fortune telling.  By night, HAUNT trails open at the park, and the ghouls come out.  The Great Pumpkin Fest is available at Cedar Point Saturdays and Sundays from September 15th through October 28th.  The HAUNT attractions during Halloweekends are available on Friday and Saturday nights.

The Great Pumpkin Fest does feature some spooky decorations.  The skull photo above is about as spooky as it gets during the day.  There are no ghouls or goblins roaming around the park, yet.  The skeletons and creepy scenes didn’t seem bother the kids as they walked between attractions.

Halloweekends Pumpkins

Much of the Pumpkin Fest-fun can be found near the front of the park in the Kiddy Kingdom and Planet Snoopy area.  The PEANUTS trick or treat trail, corn box, foam areas (a.k.a. mummy pit), and pumpkin painting are all close together.  The pumpkin painting features paint sticks and lots of stickers for decorating your mini pumpkin.

Cedar Point Pumpkin Painting

Trick-or-Treat with the PEANUTS starts with getting a bag and punch card to keep track of which stations you’ve visited.  The trail winds through Kiddy Kingdom, is easy to follow, and exciting for the kids to see what they get at each station.  Gummy snacks, apples, and small toys are among the treats for children.

Trick or Treat Trail Cedar Point

Follow the foam pieces blowing in the wind to “Linus’ Mummy Pit” where kids can have a ton of fun playing with all of the bubbles.  There’s a pit for small children and taller children, to keep it safe for the little ones.  Special thank you to Cedar Point for providing towels to wipe down the kids after their adventures.  It was definitely needed!

Cedar Point Mummy Pit

One of the best and most creative parts of The Great Pumpkin Fest are the Hallo-TWEEN mazes that are available during the day on Saturdays and Sundays.  Much like the HAUNT mazes, each one has a different theme.  One maze, The Mystery of Eerie Estate is a detective drama.  Hexed, near Gatekeeper, requires a riddle to escape from each room of the maze.  While these ‘tween mazes are spooky and dark, they are not very scary.

Cedar Point Great Pumpkin Parade

If the ‘tween mazes are a little two intense for your toddler or pre-schooler, there’s also The Magical House on Boo Hill.  It’s located near the “Boo Streak” roller coaster.  While it’s a bit spooky, there were plenty of small children wondering through the maze, having fun.

The highlight and a great ending to the daytime portion of the Halloween fun is The Great Pumpkin Parade.  It’s a easy way to see all of the PEANUTS characters, including Snoopy riding on his dog house.  The parade is the perfect length for small children, as it lasts about 10 to 15 minutes.  The parade route is designated by the orange dotted line on the Cedar Point map.

Cedar Point Great Pumpkin Parade

After a full day at the park, it’s convenient to have a hotel reservation nearby, at one of Cedar Point’s onsite resorts and campgrounds.  Castaway Bay was a great option for hotel at this time of the year, because it also includes entry into their indoor water park.  The Halloween decorations carry over to the resorts, such as this scary scene at Castaway Bay.

Castaway Bay

Enjoy a weekend at Cedar Point this October and choose your experience.  HAUNTed evenings, or Pumpkin-filled days.

Sponsored post – Cedar Point hosted us.  All opinions are my own.

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