Chessie’s Big Backyard – Alexandria, VA

Chessie’s Big Backyard is a playground in Alexandria, Virginia. It is located in the Lee District Family Recreation Area. This area in Fairfax County, Virginia also includes a carousel, a tree house, Special Harbor Spray ground, and kid-friendly hiking trails.

Chessie's Big Backyard Playground
Chessie’s Big Backyard Playground

Chessie’s Big Backyard Playground

The playground at Chessie’s Big Backyard is accessible to all children and has a padded rubber surface. The main area of the playground caters to children ages 5 to 12, and includes plenty of places to slide, climb, and swing.

Chessie's Big Backyard Slides
Chessie’s Big Backyard Slides

The theme for this main area of the playground is nature. The climbing obstacles look like trees. The benches surrounding the playground also appear to be made out of a tree. To complete the theme, there’s a hiking trail and a tree house that also various musical elements also nature-related.

Chessie's Big Backyard Toddler Playground
Toddler Playground at Chessie’s Big Backyard

Toward the back of Chessie’s Big Backyard is a nautical themed playground with a pirate ship and lighthouse. This playground is geared toward younger children. It has smaller slides and structures.

Chessie’s Trail

This walking trail is about 2,000 feet total and mostly flat. It is stroller friendly and designed to keep children engaged throughout the walk.

Chessie's Big Backyard Trail Entrance
Chessie’s Trail Entrance

There are unique places to sit and rest, musical instruments to play, and hidden wildlife sculptures to find. each of the wildlife figures represents animals that live in the Chesapeake Bay region.

Chessie's Big Backyard Trail Musical Instruments
Musical Instruments on Chessie’s Trail

Not far from Chessie’s Trail is the tree house. It’s a treetop area with a wide viewing platform. From the tree house, you can see Chessie’s trail.


The carousel is located adjacent to the playground and spray ground. Like the walking trail, it has a Chesapeake Bay theme. There are turtles, hummingbirds, swans and turtles to ride.

Lee District Carousel near Chessie's Big Backyard
Lee District Carousel

The carousel typically operates on weekends during the spring and fall, and daily during the summer. However, in 2020 the carousel opening is delayed. Check the district’s website for more information about its opening.

Special Harbor Sprayground

The Special Harbor Sprayground also has a Chesapeake theme. There are boats to play on, Chessie the sea serpent, misting flowers, and a lighthouse. These elements also include many sprinkler options throughout the park. It’s important to note that children must wear aquatic shoes or sandals with a back strap at all times while in the park. Adults may wear flip flops, and street shoes are not permitted in the sprayground.

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