Dunkirk District Park – Dunkirk, MD

Dunkirk District Park is located at 10750 Southern Maryland Boulevard in Dunkirk, Maryland. The town of Dunkirk is southeast of Washington, D.C.

Dunkirk District Park Playground
Dunkirk District Park Playground

The park is large, and it includes tennis courts, baseball fields, basketball courts, and other sports fields. There’s also a skate park and walking trails.

Dunkirk District Park Slides
Slide Tower

The playground is themed around the Chesapeake Bay. The play equipment represents sites around this Calvert County playground. For instance, a local lighthouse is the inspiration for the slide tower.

Dunkirk District Park Boat
Dunkirk District Park Boat

Another unique feature of this park is the fishing boat with a slide. Kids can pretend to catch the big fish on the line or steer the boat.

Dunkirk District Park Toddler Slides
Toddler Slides and Swings

The back of the playground is lined with swings. The playground is not fenced. The surface is a rubber material, making it possible to push a stroller on it.

Dunkirk District Park Zipline
Dunkirk District Park Zipline

A long zipline sits at one side of the playground. This particular zipline has a ropes climber to get to the zipline platform. It may be a bit more difficult to reach for younger children.

Dunkirk District Park Pavilions
Picnic Pavilions

Around the playground, there are some shaded benches. Beside the playground is a picnic grove with pavilions and picnic tables. Restrooms are located close to the playground and pavilions.

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