Heurich Park – Hyattsville, MD

Heurich Park is home to two playgrounds. The park is located at Ager Road and Nicholson Street in Hyattsville, Maryland. This is just northeast of D.C. It includes a fenced dog park, turf fields, a walking trail, and two playgrounds.

Comic Hero Playground

The comic hero playground at Heurich Park is located down Heurich Park Road, which is accessible beside the dog park on Nicholson Street.

Heurich Park Captain America
Swings at Comic Hero Playground

The road is a smaller driveway that leads to the park’s turf field and the comic book hero playground. There is a medium-sized parking lot in this area. There was also a porta potty in the parking lot when we visited in January 2023.

Heurich Park
Heurich Park

There are two play structures. One for older children on the left and another for younger children on the right. They are separated by swings. There’s also a vehicle for play, and a spinning hat, which was a favorite of the kids.

Heurich Park Bat
Comic Hero Playground

There’s a small pavilion beside the playground, which has about four picnic tables. A paved walking trail runs by the playground.

Heurich Mobility Playground

This playground is closer to the main road, and it is newer than the comic hero playground. It may be the first one you see when arriving at the park. It’s located beside the dog park.

Heurich Park Rope Climber
Heurich Park Mobility Playground Rope Climb

This playground features a large rope climber with clubhouse, swings, a play structure, and a two-seater zip line.

Heurich Mobility Playground
Heurich Mobility Playground Slides

The surface of the playground is the rubbery mulch-looking surface that strollers can navigate pretty well. This playground is not fenced.

Heurich Park Swings

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