Sophie and Madigan’s Playground – Frederick, Maryland

Sophie and Madigan’s Playground is a memorial playground in Frederick, Maryland. It honors two little girls, Sophie and Madigan, after a tragic house fire took their lives in 2013. Sophie & Madigan’s family received so much support from the community, they wanted to give back by building this playground where children of all abilities can play.

Sophie & Madigans Playground

The girls’ favorite things are designed and incorporated into this playground. For more information about their life, their family, and ways to donate to the future expansion of the playground, visit their website.

Sophie and Madigan's Playground

The playground is located at 632 Contender Way. Frederick is accessible from Baltimore by traveling west on I-70. From Washington, D.C., Frederick is about an hour north. The playground is currently in its first phase of development. This phase is called Fantasy Land and is meant to be whimsical with a castle, pumpkin carriage, and swings over the rainbow!

Sophie and Madigan Playground Swings
Sophie and Madigan’s Playground Swings

There are a variety of swings, so that children of all ages and abilities can have fun on them. There’s even a baby swing that an adult to swing with the child.

Sophie & Madigan's Playground
Rear of Sophie and Madigan’s Playground

Behind the beautiful castle are places to climb and slide, including two rock walls. There’s also a table with a shade behind the castle. Benches dot the perimeter of the playground, allowing for a place to rest and watch children play.

Front of Playground
Front View of the Playground

The castle includes a mermaid tale, and children can even climb up Rapunzel’s hair. There are fun and creative details throughout the playground, including the horses that seem to be galloping into the castle.

Sophie and Madigan's Playground Restroom
Sophie and Madigan’s Playground Restroom

When we visited in mid-July 2021, the new restroom building was locked. Social media posts for the playground indicate that the restroom is now open! There’s a large parking lot within short walking distance to the playground. Watch the playground’s Facebook page for announcements about new phases of development.

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